Loving Pleasure in the Last Days

Paul describes the way people will act in the “last days.”

I get nervous when I hear people excited about “last days” talk. There is very little fear for the souls of those about to be judged, and much happy talk about how great it will be to eat dinner with Jesus.

Now, granted, I am looking forward to my dinner reservations with Jesus, it just seems odd to speak about it without a tinge of sorrow for the rejection of our Savior by so many when there is still time to pull souls out of the fire.

It also seems a little off to me since everyone and their mother assumes they won’t be going through any sort of judgment. Judgment seemingly has lost its terror and is now just a speed bump on the oh so crowded highway to heaven.

It’s almost as if Paul’s phrase “in the last days perilous times shall come” really said “in the last days totally awesomely fun times shall come.”

One of the phrases Paul uses to describe the heathen scum as we build toward The End is that they are “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.”

So, when people quote the latest news story out of Israel they saw on cable tv in their air-conditioned homes on their easy chairs during commercials of the football game after spending a week working and making more money than most people in the world make in a month, it seems odd to me.

Now, air-conditioned, cable news watching, easy chair sitters are not necessarily those guilty in Paul’s phrase, I just thought I’d mention it though as another cynical observation by me.

You’re welcome.

I suppose I could be accused of loving pleasure with my internet connection and cool basement and whatnot, which is fine, but I also refrain from giddy talk about judgment day. Makes you wonder how perilous times are filled with lovers of pleasure though don’t it? (HINT: pleasure is perilous)

Anyway, I’ve veered from my original point I was going to make. What is fascinating to me about the Bible is the way it describes heathen scum people. If they are indeed “lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,” doesn’t it then imply that believers are lovers of God more than lovers of pleasure?

I believe it does. And I think that should make all of us fat, rich Americans sober up a second and think about some stuff.

Stuff like that new Bear Grylls show on NBC! AWESOME! Woot! Love me some Grylls.


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