The Liberty of the Spirit

Remember, all the verses about bondage refer to physical things. The World around us is in bondage to physical stuff. They are all stuck in the earn/spend cycle, bound to it with no freedom, joy or peace, except for very brief, all too fast moments.

Christians, on the other hand, have had their eyes illumined to the realities of life. They see that all created things are dying, falling apart and not worth living for. Christians have seen the permanence of eternity and have set their affections there, not here.

This brings about liberty which a worldly minded person will never understand. Being free has everything to do with the Holy Spirit, being a spiritual creation, not just a physical creation bound to physical stuff to keep its physical life alive.

The Bible tells us that God is spirit, not flesh, and “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” If God is there, freedom is there too! The freedom of the Spirit is based on the fact that we are being changed from our image to the image of Christ.

Again, this has to do with death to self and fleshly lusts and coming alive to spiritual desires–our seeking of God, who is spirit. We are given all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, where thief, rust, or decay cannot touch it.

This is our freedom! We live for heaven; not for here. We live for what is eternal; not for what is temporal. We live for true value held in store for us; not for passing value that will fade away.

The world, made up of dirt. clamors for more piles of dirt. But Believers look for spiritual substance that is held for us for eternity. This is truly life-changing if we can wrap our heads around it. The Bible can’t stop talking about it. Amazing how we miss it.