Your Two Choices: Liberty or Make a Name for Yourself

The antithesis of being a liberty-enjoying servant of the Good Shepherd, is to be on your own. Now, you probably don’t think so in your natural mind. In fact, what I just said in that first sentence makes no sense at all to the fleshly mind.

A main thing that keeps people from coming to faith in Christ is knowing that I have to do what He says. Now, many Christians have attempted to prove that obedience to Christ is somehow optional, but ask any unbeliever and they’ll tell you straight up they don’t want to quit their sin and do righteousness.

People would rather revel in their notion of freedom than enjoy true freedom.

The essence of the Christian Faith is to melt into the identity of Christ. No longer I but Christ. I must decrease; He must increase. There are many ways it is said, but it all boils down to–lose your identity, it’s not about you or your will but about doing God’s will.

Again, this sounds horrible to those outside the faith, to those taught that they are to be all they can be, that life is about being self-actualized. Nope, life is about dying. Die now to truly live.

Those who want to save their lives must lose their lives.

The seed goes into the ground and dies and then life springs forth.

Before God dropped judgment on the folks building the “Tower of Babel,” they said, “let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name.”

Their pride was demonstrated on making a name for themselves, which is what our life is all about. Marketing is about making a name for yourself. Everyone is clamoring for your attention. “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!!” is the cry of our world.

The freedom of Christianity lets you know that even if you were all by yourself and completely isolated from all others, God is there. We lose ourselves in Him and let the world go do what it wants. Let em fight for their piles of dirt.

These are your choices: 1) Make a name for yourself, constantly having to sell, sell, sell and live up to your lies or 2) lose yourself in Christ.

Option 1 will leave you in a constant state of junior high, trying to fit in, being consumed with what others think of you. Option 2 releases you into maturity where you know priorities and you know the only opinion that matters.

I know the one I prefer.

“He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”