Liberty is Being Fully Provided For

One of the contradictions of Scripture (and there are many) is that with all this talk of liberty and freedom we are often called servants or slaves! This is a contradiction if there ever was one! How can one be a slave and free at the same time?

America prides itself on being the home of the free. We have the happy notion that we are the only country on earth that kn0ws what liberty is, as if Australia doesn’t even exist.

What can be said is that there used to be more freedom in America than there is now. When politicians take the “right to liberty” and turn around and regulate how big a serving of soda (pop) is supposed to be, you know liberty has taken a shot.

What is it about people that we find liberty so distressing? Why do laws always reproduce?

Freedom is downright scary. Kids have a great life. They don’t worry about a thing. The freest person I know is my son. He just wanders about doing whatever all day and then he sleeps and then wanders about the next day. Doesn’t have to pay for anything. No worries. Just free wandering about.

But there’s a downside to his freedom: he has to eat what I provide. He has to go to bed when I say so. He has to do chores. But, go ahead, ask him how his life is. It’s pretty good.

Freedom is actually overrated when freedom means “you can do what you want.” Because doing what you want is only truly possible if you are able to choose and afford your choices.

Bob Dylan, during his “Christian phase,” did a song entitled “You Gotta Serve Somebody.” Tis true. How can you doubt the guy who knows the answers are blowing in the wind? You can’t. You might want to, but you can’t.

True freedom is resting in knowing someone else has your back! Seriously. Ever read Psalm 23?

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. When I have someone providing all my needs, that is when I am truly free.

“But, but, you’re a dumb sheep having to do what the shepherd tells you. What if I want to be a donkey or a smart person? That’s not freedom, I have to be a sheep following a shepherd?!”

Psalm 23 sounds to me like a sheep who is chilling. He’s got no worries. Valley of Death? Aint nothing but a thing. I got me a Good Shepherd.

Most rich people are constantly worried about their stuff and who is going to take advantage of them. Fame and riches give people mental problems.

Being the captain of your own ship sounds really nice, until you realize you are on your own in a sea of turmoil. Being the Master of your Fate sounds real cheery, until you realize your fate ends in death.

Liberty is being enslaved to a great Master. You gotta serve somebody, might as well serve the most benevolent, good, gracious and kind Shepherd!


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