Obedience is Liberty

Obedience is not a popular word. We are used to self-determination, pulling ourselves up by our boot straps. We are the captain of our ship. I bow to none.

Our self-focused pursuit of liberty and happiness sure seems like it would lead to liberty and happiness. Funny how it doesn’t.

True liberty and happiness are only found in obedience to God.

Obedience does not lead to thoughts of liberty or happiness for most. Unfortunately, this  is an admission to disobedience. For truly obedient people know better.

We do not use or get liberty by serving ourselves, but by lovingly serving others.

Obedience to God allows us to be relaxed. We don’t have to remember when to lie and who to lie to. We don’t have to waste energy putting on a show. We don’t have to waste time explaining how even though we saw that commercial we “really don’t watch much tv.” We don’t have to expend energy jumping through the hoops the hoop-holders are propping up. We don’t have to quiver in fear about who will blow our cover as there is no cover to blow.

Ah, bask in the liberty of obedience. It allows you to sleep well at night and redeem the time. Enjoy.