Satan’s Attacks are Irritating

There are stories in the Northwoods about bears that break into people’s houses and do damage. I imagine if I were all snug in bed and I heard a bear break the back door down and start smashing up my kitchen, I would get out of bed and attempt to do something.

Can’t have bears snacking on my cookies. Not to mention my wife and kids being in danger.

But there are other times when little things happen at night and I’m all snug in bed. Sometimes I hear thunder and think, “I should go unplug the computer so it doesn’t get blown up be lightning.” But the bed is so cozy and I don’t want to get out. I consciously decide that it would be better to just buy a new computer than it would be to get out of bed right now.

Human nature is funny. Big things stir us to action but little things, even if they are potentially costly, have a harder time getting our attention.

No doubt, if someone came up to you tomorrow and said, “Hey, moron, there is no God.” You would be able to stir yourself to defend your faith. It would be easy to get a rise.

But Satan is much more subtle. He rarely does full-frontal assaults. His way is the way of erosion–small change over time that wears on you. Constantly.

In the Garden of Eden he did not tempt Eve by saying, “Hey, Eve, there is no God.” No, instead he said, “Did God really say?” He played around with doubt. He tried subtlety. Remember, “Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.”

The problem with subtle problems is that we can ignore them. They creep in slowly, they might wake you, but rarely do they call you to action. Soon enough, over a process of erosion over years, he has rounded our corners and eventually wears us down from boulders to pebbles.

Satan doesn’t want so much to eliminate the Gospel as he wants to subtly change it. Leave enough of it there to assure you that you’re good with God, but change it enough to guarantee you never will be.

Be ware of his constant, irritating, annoying, wearing, wearying attacks, and stand firm.