Why I am Not Told to Submit to My Wife

So far I have said that faith is about hearing and submitting. We are to submit to God because we know what He has said and we can trust that He will do what He says. If a person says stuff and doesn’t do it, there would be no reason to submit, but if they always kept their word it should be no problem to submit.

Now, here’s where ol’ Jeffy boy wades into deep water. It’s chilly out here, brothers and sisters. Not much company.

Paul says in Ephesians 5 that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church and wives are to submit to their husbands as the church submits to Christ.

Remember, submission is based on trusting what someone has said. The Church submits to Christ because Christ’s words are trustworthy.

Now, I have heard many times FROM WOMEN that women change their minds all the time. Again, I hear this FROM WOMEN. “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind” women have told me with knowing smiles.

womanmindSee! I can even find a thing on the Internets saying it and the Internets never lie!

That’s fine, change your mind all you want, as long as you are content with never being listened to about anything. Be careful what traits you celebrate!

I have lived with my wife for 17 years. Before that I lived with my mother for 18 years and there was a female respite for about three years in between, which was nice in its own way. But as for my observation of the female character, yeah, they change their minds. All the time. About everything. Constantly.

I can not tell you how many times my wife has said “We’re having spaghetti for supper” only to hear later, “Oh sorry, we’re having chicken and rice instead.” She makes plans for the day. “Saturday morning the kids and I are going to an art fair.” Saturday morning comes and goes with no art fairing at all.

Again, let me just remind you, this is not merely my opinion, I have heard FROM WOMEN how they have the right to change their minds and do so with impunity.

Therefore, Paul cannot, with any shred of credibility, tell a husband to submit to his wife. What in the world would he know to submit to? By the time he figured out what to submit to, it would all be changed anyway.

Instead, husbands are told to love their wives. Now this makes sense. I have no assurance at all, whatsoever, in what I might be having for supper or what wifely plans will actually take place. What I do know is that no matter what, I am to be patient and kind and all that other love stuff.

This all makes complete sense to me and is one more example of the wisdom of God on display in the Bible. Carrying that wisdom out is another issue!


2 thoughts on “Why I am Not Told to Submit to My Wife”

  1. I was told by (male) pastors that husbands should submit to their wives because everyone should submit to everyone else.

  2. Well, both verses are there in the same chapter. I believe, since that’s the case, both are true. The way I view it is that since I love my wife I listen to her, include her in my decision making. If we get stuck at some point, her job is to submit to my decision. Our home is a little government to itself, someone has to make the call. The husband has the responsibility to make that call and will be held accountable by God for it, the wife needs to respect that and submit.

    These same pastors who are telling husbands to submit to their wives, think people are submitting to them, even though they are to submit to everyone! See, the whole thing falls apart. There is no such thing as authority if that’s the case.

    We are to submit to one another as the body of Christ to avoid conflict and maintain unity. But when conflict does arise, and it will, there must be structure to help people through it. That’s how I view it.

    We submit to one another in the fear of God, and God told wives to submit to husbands, all of us to submit to government, etc. In the fear of God I suggest we do all of that!

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