Faith is Submission

I am told by the New Testament to submit to my government leaders and their laws. This has always been tough for me and is increasingly so!

I do not get worked up over government censoring my faith or get all high and mighty about my religious rights like most good Christians do. That’s not really what bothers me, I expect that stuff. What bothers me is the sheer stupidity of government rulers.

I can deal with evil; stupid is what irritates me.

For many years we have had perfectly fine light bulbs that give perfectly fine light, which have now been messed with so I have to buy stupid light bulbs that don’t give hardly the same amount of light.

This is done to “save energy” except I now find myself turning on more lights because the “energy-saving light bulbs” hardly give any light! Sure they last 5-billion more hours, but I must have 5-billion more light bulbs on during those hours.

This is the sort of government intrusion I find highly irritating. Persecute me all you want; just leave my lights alone.

I have a hard time submitting to stupid. One of the reasons I find submitting to God perfectly fine and reasonable, is because God is definitely not stupid. It is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance. I can submit to a good God.

Although there is no specific verse that says “faith is submission,” it can be seen many places. Perhaps one of the clearest is in Romans 10.

In Romans 10 Paul is talking about Israel’s failure to attain the righteousness of God because they sought it by works of the law and not by faith. The answer is in Christ, not in your works, “Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

In the verse before this quote, Paul says they “have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”

Paul says there are two ways to attain to the righteousness of God: 1) Faith in Christ and 2) Submit to it. Seems to me, Paul is equating submission with faith.

The problem with submission is it requires humility. Humility and faith go together. “Lord, be merciful to me a sinner” is evidence of faith and humility, certainly a picture of total submission.

God is good, He is trustworthy, He has told you He loves you. He has proven all these things true. Therefore, submitting to Him shouldn’t be that difficult. Anyone who has faith in Him would concur!

Submission is something we are told to do, not just citizen to government, but also kids to parents, wives to husbands, all of us to one another! Generally, we view ourselves as the power in these setups or else we don’t talk about it.

I’ve rarely heard a kid celebrate submission! As a husband, my wife is to submit to me. If she doesn’t, my assumption is that she is in rebellious sin. In reality, she might just be evidence that I am an untrustworthy, selfish jerk!

Perhaps your kid’s rebellion is proof that you don’t listen to yourself. If your kids and wife both don’t submit to you, well, yeah, you might want to think about knocking off the selfish-jerk role you’re playing.

If you want true, faithful submission, you love as Christ loved. You become more like Him and less like you and this will work much better for everyone involved.