Faith is Hearing not Seeing, Take this Blind Guy’s Word for It

The Sunday School teacher asked her class, “What is faith?” A little boy said, “Faith is believing something you know aint true.”

He was sort of right!

“Seeing is believing” is the way the world defines faith. Our world is filled with lies and even heathen scum people are skeptical. They don’t believe anything until there’s proof. Although this definition of faith fits nicely with the scientific method, it is not how the Bible defines faith.

According to Scripture, faith has to do with hearing, not seeing. “We walk by faith not by sight.” Faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear.”

Quite frankly, if a person sees something, he no longer needs faith. Faith is based on taking someone’s word for it. God knows and has seen things we have not. He has told us about these unseen things. You have no sighted evidence that what He is saying is true, you haven’t seen it. By faith you take His word for it.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Many Christians at this point are thinking, “Well, there is some proof by sight that what God says is true. I may not have ever seen heaven but I’ve seen good things on earth that lead me to believe heaven is possible.”

There is some truth to this as well. No one has an excuse to miss the fact that God exists. “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen” “so that they are without excuse.”

There are visible proofs of God’s existence–the heavens declare–but no man has seen God at any time. According to Paul, God’s existence is so obvious there is no excuse to miss Him. At the same time, one must believe because no one has seen God.

I can not see well, I am legally blind. I play shortstop on our church softball team. There are games where I really can’t see the ball at all based on the background or lighting.  Through years of being legally blind, I have learned ways to pick up clues as to where the ball is.

I watch the way the batter swings. I listen to the sound the ball makes off the bat. I watch the way fielders move. I pick up clues and this helps me focus my eyes and pick up the ball (usually!). I cannot see the ball, but I have evidence of where it might be and, lo and behold, it is often there.

Although this is a weak illustration, it serves enough to make my point. I am moving through life with many clues that God exists. I have never seen Him, but I fully expect, if I keep paying attention to the clues and moving toward Him, one day, I will see Him!

When I see Him I will no longer need faith: I will have the real deal! I sincerely can not wait. I hope you are there with me.

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  1. I would take this one step further and say a non-believer that says he would believe “if”, will not believe in Christ even if he saw Christ himself. My example would be Israel. Christ himself came down among them, did many miricales, raised people from the dead, and they killed Him. Faith is a gift from God that we should cherish.

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