The Church is NOT Your Child’s Parent

Ok…I will just say it out loud and allow the hate mail to pour in…The Church should not be raising your children. God gave that privilege to parents.

Pastors do not exist to make your kids feel guilty! Read the whole thing here.

2 thoughts on “The Church is NOT Your Child’s Parent”

  1. In Eph. 6:1-4 Paul addresses both parents and children. So the pastor has a role in holding up the standard of the word of God to both, so that the church can be the agent of God in serving the world in the proper way.

    The issue that this article points to is the case of a parent who has not done their job, and then looks to someone with apparently greater authority, to do it for them. It is a bit like asking God to do for us what He has given us to do, which is the sin of presumption.

    I think you also hit the problem in your previous posts about parents/children. This woman did not have authority in her house. And why not? Because she was not doing what she said, and therefore her children followed her example, and also did not do what she said. The problem of whether the children used MySpace or not was not the real problem. This was just the manifestation of the sin which bothered the mother. The sin itself did not bother her, but this particular manifestation did.

    Jesus faced this temptation numerous times: when the people tried to make him king (they wanted to use his power for their ends); when the brother came asking Jesus to make his brother divide the inheritance, etc.

  2. The church certainly has a role to help the family, no doubt about that. But the church is not to replace the moral authority of the parent. The church is to instill and reinforce the moral authority of the parent. That’s how I see it anyway.

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