Faith and Health Care

My back, right wrist, left elbow and both achilles hurt. They each hurt from different activities I have done in the past few days. Seems as though any time I move I hurt myself. I sneezed the other day and had back spasms for two days.

It is possible that I am getting old. It hardly seems fair that a nice guy like me should have to suffer and be in pain.

“The whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves

This is an important verse for thinking about faith healing and even the “health and wealth gospel.” There is the notion that those who have the Holy Spirit are exempt from pain. That true believers defy the laws of nature. We can do any manner of activities in our old bodies and not have to feel the effects afterward.

Everyone wants a life free of consequences for actions. Our actions are typically stupid, ensuing consequences tend to be more stupid. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the reaping part of sowing stupid?

Indeed it would. Technology is driven by this desire. Hangovers can be cured with magic pills. Abortion occurs many times for the sake of convenience. Wheels were invented to get to other sins quicker. Seriously, they were. It’s also why Wal-Mart was created.

But not all consequences are removed by technology, so where does this leave us? I guess, once we’ve exhausted physical remedies, we turn to faith.

Faith is chalked up as the god-send to skip consequences. “You can sin, live like heathen scum and if you have enough faith, God will heal all the problems your heathen scum lifestyle produced.”

Faith isn’t just applied to escaping sinful consequences though, it makes an appearance to defy the laws of nature (parents convicted of killing their second child who died while not seeking medical attention because they believed they would be healed). If Christians were able to enjoy health and wealth as everyday experience, we would certainly attract a following. Mainly a following of people who want health and wealth.

Obamacare would never have been thought of if faith worked like this! (Although it does take a considerable amount of faith to believe Obamacare will help. . .)

The health and wealth gospel wants you to get God for your physical benefit, seemingly skipping the idea that even those with the Spirit groan and suffer.

Groaning and suffering are life. Then you die. This is true if you are heathen scum or if you have the Holy Spirit. This world was never the point. Faith was not invented to make your life here pain-free. It was invented to get you out of this world of pain and into the presence of your Creator.

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