Painting The House With Jesus

I hate painting. Our house needs another painting. I hate that. We painted it about ten years ago. It took for-e-ver. We had to apply a coat of primer and two coats of paint to cover the old ugly orangish yuck that was on there.

This time was supposed to be easy. I went out yesterday to start prepping the white trim around the edge of the eaves. As I began chipping away paint, I hit a few mushy parts of wood. “Oooo, that’s not good.”

Anytime a guy can push his finger through a piece of wood, it means one of two things.

1) He has really strong fingers
2) He has really rotten wood

Although I do have pretty good grip-strength in my fingers, this is rotten wood. I hate it when a painting project turns into a carpentry project.

T’would be nice if spiritual power could come through for a guy to fix a physical problem. I reckon no matter how much I prayed and begged God to fix my rotten wood and repaint my house, it aint gonna happen.

I could pray til I was blue in the face and I’m still gonna end up painting the dumb house. I’d then have to pray to get my face to turn un-blue.

Since we know spiritual power can’t fix our physical problems, we generally tend to go with a physical fix, often not even thinking of God at any point.

There’s an infamous portion of Scripture where king Asa dies and God is not pleased because “in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians.”

Many have used this verse to support the idea that going to a doctor is a lack of faith. Can one seek the Lord AND physicians? Probably, but Asa didn’t, and thus the issue.

God being spirit and us being flesh presents a dilemma in our relationship. We don’t mind the same things. We immediately seek the physical to answer the physical and often seek the physical to answer the spiritual.

How often do we seek the spiritual to meet all needs–physical and spiritual? And, what in the world does it even mean to “seek the spiritual?”

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