The Verdict on Judgment Day Will Sound Something Like This: You Have No Clue

My son has an interesting view of the world, primarily because what everyone else is viewing in the world, he is oblivious to. There are times I stop and ask him, “What color is the sky in your world?” To which he always says, “Blue.” Which I guess is good.

But then again. . .

Ever wonder if everything you see is completely not what anyone else sees?! I put a shirt on this morning, I thought it was brown. Apparently it was green. Who knew?

My wife, that’s who.

I wonder if Judgment Day will be a giant “Hmm, I never even saw that” moment.

Seems to me God has a completely different view of life than we do. The fundamental difference in our views of life is the fact that God is a spirit and we are flesh.

It seems as though this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, after all our spirit-God became flesh and dwelt among us. But that was a giant exception in eternity. And on top of that. the point of spirit-God becoming flesh was to rebirth us flesh-people into being spiritual.

Spirit-God and flesh-humans hold opposite things as important.

Flesh people think water, food, clothing and shelter are vital.
Spirit God thinks the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, righteousness and eternity are vital.

These two views really can’t mix. We try to think they can when we refer to various bowls of ice cream as being “heavenly” and certain recipes being “divinely inspired,” but this is merely play acting.

“What man esteems is abomination with God.” I bring that verse up a lot, mainly because it is so startling and yet so ignored. “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God” is quoted more frequently when we mock evolutionists, but this also refers to much humanly devised “Christian” wisdom.

In the end, I sincerely believe we have no clue. We sort of do, we get the idea, the principle behind it, but based on what our lives emphasize–we have no clue.