Keep Your Offendedness To Yourself

Back in high school, there was a popular sermon series about the evils of rock music. We heard about Highway to Hell, Hells Bells and various other hell songs.

We learned about playing records backwards to hear subliminal messages like, “666 that’s my number” or “Satan has his own religion.” I never did hear them, but they did their best to show innocent Christian kids how to find Satan everywhere.

Now, I won’t for a minute defend AC/DC and their hell songs, but I will throw in a caution that just because you don’t like a song doesn’t mean the style is wrong. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

And, speaking of bath water, David Martyn-Lloyd Jones was one of the most distinguished British preachers of the last century. At a certain point he voiced some of his dogmatic opinions. Here is a sampling taken from Andrew Naselli’s blog:

“The modern method of installing a bath in each house is not only a tragedy but it has been a real curse to humanity. . . . If I had to spend a life-time with a companion who had one bath a day or with one who had one bath a year, I should unhesitatingly choose the latter, because a man’s soul is more important than his skin.”

This is how weird some of our Christian peripheral opinions look, maybe to some at the time and, more than likely, to many in the future.

Again, I’m not writing this to defend AC/DC, I’m just saying there are some things in this world that you don’t like and other people do, and that’s OK.

One of the main points of these sermons against Satan rock was that we should avoid Christian rock too, bands like Petra, as they were a proverbial “gateway drug.” If you listen to Petra now, you will sincerely wonder what all the fuss was about.

There is nothing satanic about an electric guitar, there just isn’t. Can people worship Satan with an electric guitar? I suppose they could. They can also use cats and I don’t see anyone banning cats (although I would not be opposed. . .).

Romans 14 says if your heart doesn’t condemn you in a thing, then be happy and do it. It also says not to flaunt your liberty before others, but rather act out of concern for others. If you have faith that allows you to bathe regularly, then keep it to yourself! Don’t offend the biannual-bathers!

Just because you are offended doesn’t mean everyone needs to hear about it. Amen. Just because you are not offended doesn’t mean everyone needs to hear about it. Amen and amen.

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Offendedness To Yourself”

  1. I remember discussions about this back in school. All contemporary music was bad except Steve Green (if you asked the right people). I do agree that we need to allow our relationship with Christ to shape our likes and dislikes. This should keep us from condemning those who make choices we would not make but also don’t violate scripture. I mean who knew that the color of the jeans that you choose to wear was either a sign of satan worship or Christianity?

  2. I will admit I was not perfect in my response to such things, I didn’t exactly attempt to not offend others. I was just as guilty as those who judged my noncomformity. At the same time, I agreed to go to the school and abide by their rules, all of which I knew before going there, so I was in the wrong. But this does not cancel out the fact that black jean were OK but blue were not as being one of the stupidest rules I’ve ever heard!

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