Religion is for Stupid People and I am a Stupid Person

The other night I watched a documentary, Kumare, with some folks from church about a guy who was raised Hindu. He had many questions about his faith, first and foremost being: isn’t religion a racket?

He decided to see if he could become a guru and invented his own form of Eastern religion and presented himself as a guru from India with the secrets to life. In reality he’s a guy from New Jersey seeing if he can fool people into following him.

Lo and behold, he finds it quite easy to get followers. The documentary is disturbingly fascinating, funny and well done. It is also frightening just how easy it is to find gullible people to believe anything.

You will be left wondering if he will reveal his secret and how his followers will take it until the very end, and I won’t spoil it for you.

All religion has the element of the ridiculous. Christians believe God became flesh and died and rose again and we now have Him living in us. This sounds ridiculous and isn’t far removed from much of the “god is in you” stuff of Eastern religion.

Now, Christians, since we’re right, think people of all other religions are stupid, but alas, much of what we believe is stupid as well (read 1 Corinthians 1-3–the wisdom of God is foolishness with man–Christianity has built into it the fact that people will think it’s stupid!).

People are wired to believe. We are wired for religion. We like ritual, secret power, lighting candles, singing together and jumping through religious hoops. It all makes us feel swell.

The fact that we are so gullible in this area (even atheist Richard Dawkins said it is possible aliens created our world), proves that there must be something here. The problem is to decipher through it all what religion is the true one.

For me, I go with Christianity and the Bible. I do so because the Bible is unique. When you read what is in it (not reading it once, but like 25 times), you see that no man would come up with this. At every popular human notion the Bible goes 180 degrees opposite.

I love that. The down side is most humans think I’m an idiot. I’m OK with this. Judgment Day will reveal the morons for what they are.

Everyone is a fool; might as well be a fool for Christ.

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