Why I Care That No One Cares About You

I was made fun of a lot as a kid. I am cross-eyed and can’t see real well. Kids pointed this out to me regularly. Looking back, however, I bet the times I was made fun of were a lot less than I think.

When you are ridiculed enough, you begin to act in a ridiculed manner, you feel made fun of whether anyone is making fun of you or not. You take innocent statements or looks and imagine what was really meant, and it is all bad.

I remember being told, “Jeff, no one is really paying attention to you, don’t worry about it. Everyone is thinking about their own insecurities.”

Yeah, right.

Now that I’m middle-aged, with three kids of my own, I realize that yeah, actually, no one is paying attention! There are times I wish I could go back and do things over, then I remember the stuff I had to do and am glad I can’t!

But seriously, I changed as a person because of my internal battles with what I thought others thought of me when all along very few were thinking about me at all.

Unfortunately, this tendency to not think about others is carried on into adulthood. People just don’t care. This is good in that negative people can be ignored. This is bad in that we lose out on opportunities to show love and compassion.

The Bible reveals that God knows our thoughts, our standing up and our sitting down. He cares. If believers are transformed into the image of Christ, and Christ is God who showed compassion and many, how much more should we care for others?

I know today has a lot of stuff going on in it. You have many concerns, perhaps you are sulking in, “Yeah, he’s right, no one cares about me.” But that’s not my point.

The fact that no one cares about you, and you are so awesome, imagine how little others not so awesome are cared for!?

Rather than letting this delve into a pity party, learn how nice it is to have someone care. Ask a question of someone. Not just, “Hey, how’s it going?” But listen, find the concerns and ask about them. Ask a follow-up question two days later. Give em a little something to encourage and help.

Perhaps you think you’re the only one alive whom no one cares about. Nope, take the most popular person you know, the most outgoing and friendly person, and I guarantee they’d admit how few people seem to care about them.

How am I doing? Well, I’m doing fine. What do I care about right now? That awesome post I wrote yesterday that cracked me up and yet it seems as though no one cares how awesome it was. Feel free to share it with others! Thanks!

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