There is One Lawgiver

If a brother is dipping into the cookie jar and his sister says, “You can’t have cookies!” The brother will no doubt continue to snatch cookies. “You can’t do that!” The sister protests.

“I can if I want, you’re not my mom!” The boy says as he shoves cookies in his mouth. “You’re not my mom” is a classic kid argument. It’s an acknowledgment that only the Lawgiver needs to be obeyed.

If mom says not to eat cookies, well, that changes things, but a sister? Nope, sorry, sisters have no authority over brothers and brothers know it. Inevitably, sister will then fall back on, “I’m telling mom!” She does this because again, she knows the Lawgiver is the only one with power to judge.

“There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy”

The one Lawgiver is the One Judge. No one else can tell you what right and wrong is except the one who has defined right and wrong. There is no point in conforming to a person’s rules. What good does that do when God is your judge?

The Lawgiver alone will judge between right and wrong as this is His authority. He can save or condemn based on His judgment. He alone is to be obeyed as He alone judges.

This concept is not mind-blowing, even kids grasp this one.

The Lawgiver judges between right and wrong, and, unfortunately for us, we have done wrong. We are under the condemnation of the Law and are condemned by the Lawgiver. What will we do?

1) Talk our way out of trouble?
2) Point the finger at those who tripped us up?
3) Do good to work off the bad?
4) Show how others are worse than you?

These won’t work. We are dependent on the Lawgiver to save us or destroy us. How, oh how will we escape His wrath?

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