Odd Song Lyric: If I Could Love Myself the Way that the Lord Loves Me

“If I could just love myself, the way that the Lord loves me.”

I actually quoted the song wrong in my post title. Being a good Christian tune, it had to have the word “just” in it.

This little gem is from an 80’s Christian rock song I heard recently. I knew the song from my rocking days in jr high, but I was not very theologically astute at the time. When I heard it today, I paused. “Really?”

The context of the song is about God’s love and how great it is. Can’t argue that point. But why would a guy turn a song about God’s love into being about me loving myself?

One of the points of the greatness of God’s love is that it is so great it encompasses all we need in the love department. As it overflows us, it spreads to allow us to love others.

The Bible never commands us to love ourselves. The Bible commands us to love God and love our neighbor.

Now, I know, you are to love your neighbor as yourself, and “how can I love my neighbor if I can’t even love myself?”

Ephesians 5:29 says, “For no man ever yet hated his own flesh.” We all love ourselves. This is kind of His point about telling us to love others as we love ourselves. He already knows you love yourself! Spend more time loving others!

If we didn’t already love ourselves, He wouldn’t have told us to love others like that!

If I did “love myself the way that the Lord loves me” wouldn’t I become my own Savior then? What would be the point of loving myself the way the Lord loves me?

Perhaps I’m over thinking it and yet again turning a minor deal into a major point, but this statement is very odd.

One thought on “Odd Song Lyric: If I Could Love Myself the Way that the Lord Loves Me”

  1. I agree. While I acknowledge that some people (particularly those who have suffered severe physical and/or emotional abuse) have very damaged self-esteem which needs to be healed, in general we have too much self-esteem, not too little. We need to esteem ourselves less and esteem God and others far more. We Christians have bought into Freudian pyschology more than we’ve bought into the Bible.

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