Jesus is the Way to the Father

I have never seen God the Father, nor have you. In fact, the Bible says no man can see God. But God has chosen to reveal Himself to us in a way we can handle. This is primarily done through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ maintains that He is the way to the Father. The Way seems to have a present tenseness about it. Jesus is not the road already traveled, but The Way we are currently on in understanding who God is.

Many people think our dealings with Jesus begin and end with salvation. We ask if people have found Jesus, past tense. We ask if people have trusted Christ, past tense. We ask if people have accepted Jesus into their hearts, past tense and unbiblical.

Jesus is always past tense in our Gospel talk. But Christ Jesus lives today. You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart. Because not only is Jesus The Way, He’s also The Life. It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me.

There’s too much past tense in our Gospel. This is primarily because we view salvation as a get out of hell deal, and very few see it as rebirth into newness of life.

We want our life and we want heaven. God the Father says, “No can do!” The only One acceptable to God the Father is His well-beloved, highly acceptable Son.

The Gospel is not about you. The Gospel is the elevation of Christ and Him alone. Not how Christ makes you great so God lets you into heaven. Not about how Christ molds Himself to our lives. Not about how Christ is a fine fashion accessory to our materialistic lives.

The Gospel is new life. It is present tense because it deals with the present tense, I AM, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, Lord of the living.

Jesus is The Way to the Father. The question is: are you on The Way?

2 thoughts on “Jesus is the Way to the Father”

  1. I was given an eye opening insight into the term “I am the way…” when I heard the story of a tourist in Jerusalem who needed directions to a certain address. A man tried to tell her which streets and paths to take but the tourist had trouble understanding. Realising his spoken instructions weren’t getting through the local decided to take the tourist to the place she was looking for, saying “Follow me. I am the way”.

  2. I think that adequately summarizes my idea. It’s a present tense noun, if there is such a thing! He is the way to the Father, not a signpost, or a map, or the beginning of the journey, but the whole way.

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