Oswald Chambers on Grace and Responsibility

On the ground of the Redemption I can ‘wash my robes, and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.’ Pseudo-evangelism has twisted the revelation and made it mean — ‘Now that God has saved me, I do not need to do anything.’

The New Testament revelation is that now I am saved by God’s grace, I must work on that basis and keep myself clean. It does not matter what a man’s heredity is, or what tendencies there are in him, on the basis of the Redemption he can become all that God’s Book indicates he should be.

The essential truth of Christianity in thinking is that I can ‘wash my robes, and make them clean in the blood of the Lamb.” That is the exposition of the Redemption in actual experience.

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  1. “…the wedding dress is a holy character, the imparted righteousness which the Holy Spirit works in us, and which is equally necessary as a proof of grace. If you question such a statement, I would remind you of the dress which adorns the saints in heaven. What is said of it? “They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” Their robes therefore were such as once needed washing; and this could not be said in any sense of the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ; that was always perfect and spotless. It is clear then that the figure is sometimes applied to saints in reference to their personal character.”

    “Holiness is always present in those who are loyal guests of the great King, for “without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” Too many professors pacify themselves with the idea that they possess imputed righteousness, while they are indifferent to the sanctifying work of the Spirit. They refuse to put on the garment of obedience, they reject the white linen which is the righteousness of saints. They thus reveal their self-will, their enmity to God, and their non-submission to his Son. Such men may talk what they will about justification by faith, and salvation by grace, but they are rebels at heart, they have not on the wedding dress any more than the self-righteous, whom they so eagerly condemn.”

    – Spurgeon, sermon #976 “The Wedding Garment”, 1871

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