Cookies, My Mom and Struggle

Chocolate chip cookies have always been a favorite snack of mine. The problem with a good chocolate chip cookie is that they need to be home-made.

When I went off to college I settled for Chips Ahoy cookies, which weren’t horrible but they were not homemade by any stretch.

The mother of my youth had a problem with my cookie eating: She didn’t want me to eat all the cookies so fast. Therefore, whenever I want more cookies I was told “No, they need to last the rest of the week.”

There came a point in my life where my mother said to me, “Jeff, if you want more cookies then go make them.” Somewhat unexpectedly to both of us, I began making chocolate chip cookies. I became quite good at it.

When you make your own cookies there are not as many regulations. My mom can eat cookies whenever she wants because she made them.

This is an important aspect of life. It is easy to consume, not so easy to produce. Kids have it easy and yet they are usually the whiniest among us. They don’t know what cookies cost, nor the pains of having to make them over and over and over again.

As Dr. Forsythe once said, “There is no reality without struggle. If you are not called to wrestle, it is only because the wrestling is being done for you.”

Salvation has been gotten for us by the sufferings of Christ. There are many immature ones who treat salvation lightly, those who merely want the benefits. But the Bible is clear that true faith brings with it struggle, fighting and wrestling.

Christ’s sufferings for us don’t entirely get us off the hook. We are invited to know the fellowship of His suffering, to partake in the afflictions of the Gospel, to fight the fight of faith, and the fact that all who desire to live godly will suffer.

Everyone would love a never-ending cookie supply with no cost, pain or struggle, but not even God supplies that kind of largess. Kids who get everything they want with no responsibility turn out to be spoiled brats, lacking moral qualities due to their detachment from reality.

I imagine some in our hyper-grace and hyper-love Christianity are objecting to what I am saying about Christ’s sufferings, even though they agree with my point about kids! Tomorrow’s post will further explain my thoughts on working out salvation and how Christ didn’t do everything to the point of no responsibility for us.

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  1. Very good cookies for thought. My kids are spoiled, and so am I. Just beginning to realize we are invited to share in Christ’s suffering, and you have shed a bit more light on what a blessing that is. P.S. I want your wife’s recipe! :)

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