What Was the Apostle Paul Preaching?

Paul has always been a controversial figure. During his ministry, both Jews and Gentiles wanted to kill him. Jews didn’t think he made enough of Moses’ Law; Gentiles thought he made too much out of making money and idolatry.

Over the years, Paul has been a fine catalyst for division in the Church. Some think Paul is the only one who had a clue; others think we’d be better off without Paul and all his anti-woman, anti-fun doctrinal yacking.

In order to prove our pet doctrines with Paul, many have tried to pigeonhole him, divide, dissect and distort to their own destruction. Paul tells us what the content of his preaching was in his farewell address to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. He gives us several phrases that sum up the content of what he taught. In 12 verses he describes the content of his preaching in the following ways:

*repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ
*the gospel of the grace of God
*preaching the kingdom of God
*all the counsel of God
*the word of his grace

Many, in an effort to make a point, conveniently remove some of these aspects of his ministry, or at least over-emphasize an aspect. But it’s important to see that the Gospel of His Grace and the preaching of the kingdom are the same thing, and these are the same thing as preaching repentance and faith, which is then the same thing along with warning and the word of his grace.

Rather than build up walls that separate, see the unity and the connection. Sure, at times certain aspects are stressed, but in the end these are all the same thing. Is your Gospel including repentance, faith, grace, the kingdom, warnings, the whole counsel of God and the word of God’s grace? Paul’s did.

Faithful followers of Paul follow Paul as he followed Christ. This is a real good idea.

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  1. A real good observation,write a longer article and submit it to CT or some other mag. or blog,I think it could bring some balance to the “Apostle Paul” & “What is the Gospel” debates.

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