God’s Word Is Like, Soooo Annoying

In a long line of examples I could use to prove that people would rather do their own thing to achieve their own will rather than obeying God to prove His will, here is a video made by a woman trying to convince the Catholic Church that ordaining women is a good thing.

The most telling lines of the video are:

Woman priest is my call
Women preaching for all
Don’t listen to St. Paul
Cuz I can lead the way

The bottom line is that she thinks God called her, therefore, Scripture no longer matters. To hear a blatant statement to ignore St. Paul is fascinating if not terrifying.

But alas, this is the day we live in, much like the days of Israel when Israel thought listening to God was optional as well. Turned out well for them, eh? Captivity, destruction, rejection of Messiah. Ah yes, the end times will be like it was in the days of Noah.

So, say a prayer of thanks that God has given us a woman who knows more than He does.

3 thoughts on “God’s Word Is Like, Soooo Annoying”

  1. I couldn’t get through that video…got into the first minute and it was enough.

    Notice the use of the drum beat and syncopation to bypass the reasoning mind and conscience and make an appeal direct to the flesh/feelings.

  2. I don’t mind the drum beat and syncopation as much as the blatant “I feel like doing something so don’t listen to the Bible” clearly stated message. This opens a can of worms that is indeed currently open.

  3. Agreed, the message was pretty openly stated. However, Nebuchadnezzar’s image was a pretty open violation of the word the Lord spoke through Daniel, but even there, music was used to accompany the apostasy. As Luther once said (about Papal decrees), “the lid suits the dish.”

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