Detriment to Your Theology: Being Stupid

I mean no insensitivity with this, I mean it more as a factual observation: Christians are pretty stupid as a bunch.

Many have postulated about the horrible state of our biblical literacy, but to me that’s not even the problem. The problem is that we’re stupid in general, that even if we did read the Bible, we’d be too dumb to figure it out.


One of the evidences of our stupidity is our inability to carry on a conversation with someone who disagrees with us. Science has made great strides over the years because there is a thing called Peer Review.

No doubt some peer review gets personal, but as far as I’ve seen, there is a back and forth dealing with facts, evidence and experimentation. Through this process, truth rises to the top.

Christians, as soon as they bump into a doctrine, either label it heresy or else the most awesomely life changing truth ever! We have no middle ground, no room for “let me think about that and compare it with the whole counsel of God.”

Nope, we’re immediately off railing on everyone who disagrees and having potlucks with those we agree with while discussing how to rail on the heretics who don’t see “it.”

Critical thinking left the Church before it left the world. People don’t question doctrine anymore. We just take what we’re fed, compare it with what the Sunday School teacher said 32 years ago and if it sounds good, we keep it.

Questioning doctrine is the best way to lose Christian friends. Questions mean you are getting liberal, or atheistic, or Catholic, anything but more informed.

Questioning doctrine sounds too much like doubt and doubt is frowned upon. Doubt is the opposite of faith, whatever is not of faith is sin, therefore questing doctrine is sin. I guess this is the logic, if logic is in this picture.

As a result, Christians are one of the stupidest, most emotionally charged, illogical groups of people in the world, just behind Oakland Raiders fans and ahead of beauty pageant moms.

Come let us reason together. That phrase not only sounds lovely, it’s from the Bible. Let your love grow in all knowledge and judgment. Also from the Bible. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

Smarten up Christians.

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4 thoughts on “Detriment to Your Theology: Being Stupid”

  1. The problem with questioning doctrine is that it challenges the foundation that most people are resting upon.

    If a traditional doctrine were wrong, then that would mean all the people that trusted in it were wrong (and might not be as “saved” as they think they are), all the pastors who taught it to their congregations were guilty of teaching error and therefore were false shepherds, and all the theology teachers who taught it as infallible truth were completely misguided and worse in their imaginations than simple children.

    And that is just too humiliating. Most people can’t bear that kind of consequence, and so will instead cling to the tradition regardless of how illogical it may be, and how much it might actually stop them from growing in their knowledge of the true God.

    We certainly need a large dose of humility and meekness in our day. And to approach the study of the Word with reverence, in case we misapply it. And we should accept nothing unless it works practically in our everyday life. Spiritual truth must have practical application. We should be as rigorously scientific in our testing of the spiritual laws as our atheist friends are in their testing of natural laws.

  2. I think you nailed the root of it–the fear of the consequences and the truths you will now have to face, primarily those about those who came before and missed it, where are they now? It opens a can of worms in a day when worms have few fans.

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