Detriment to Your Theology: Finding The Key Doctrine of the Bible

When our son was about six-months old, he got very sick and spent eight days in the hospital. He couldn’t breathe and eventually part of his lung collapsed. It was quite serious and scary.

During this whole time the doctor kept telling us it was asthma. We consulted another doctor who told us it was RSV, which is a nasty virus kids get that affects breathing. Instead, our doctor kept playing the asthma angle.

He continued to even after the boy got better. We also discovered that most of his patients had asthma. Hmm, weird. We eventually dropped his as our doctor.

When a doctor always sees asthma he misses things that are not asthma, or he assumes is asthma, which nearly leads to the death of children.

He reminds me of most Christians and their theology. They have discovered the One Thing, the absolute essential thing that the “Bible is all about.” Everything revolves around this issue. No matter what any given passage is talking about, they will see their issue in it.

People who think they have discovered the Key Doctrine of the Bible, begin to miss the actual points in the Bible.

Once they’ve discovered The Key Doctrine, they no longer need to know any other doctrine. They don’t even need to know the rest of the Bible that doesn’t, even in their estimation, touch on their subject. Everything besides They Key Doctrine is relegated to second-class citizenship.

If you don’t agree that their Key Doctrine is the Key Doctrine you obviously haven’t read the Bible and are still in immaturity.

The most fascinating thing to watch is two people talk to each other about the Bible when they each have a different Key Doctrine. Two ships passing in the night.

One of the worst things to affect your theology is settling on The Key Doctrine. The Bible doesn’t do this. The Bible really has little flow or direction at times and it’s hard to figure out what the Song of Solomon has to do with Obadiah.

We should be OK with this. To boil the Bible’s broad spectrum down to The Key Doctrine is sure to keep you in the dark concerning much beautiful revelation. Avoid this error.

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