Christianity and Election 2012

I refrain from political comment for the most part, due to the fact that no one agrees with me and I don’t want to argue about it, but I want to make a point and the election illustrates it nicely.

In my opinion, what is happening in America is that people are deciding they’d rather have stuff given to them than work for stuff. As the old saying goes, as soon as people figure out they can vote themselves money we’re doomed. Well, we’ve figured it out. We want handouts; not work and responsibility.

At the same time, we enjoy talking about how America is a Christian nation. I would debate this point if I felt like it, but I’ll go with it to make my point. So put these things together:

America is, or was, a Christian nation
Americans want stuff without having to work for it.

Hmm, any connection?

Uh, yeah.

While Christianity has been in America, American Christianity has gone way overboard on the notion of grace, inventing easy believism and other trite doctrines. There are many, in fact, who would define grace as “getting stuff without working for it.”

What came first–our obsession with grace or our desire to get rid of work?

Shouldn’t Christians be thrilled that America has discovered grace? Yet we seem so angry and upset at all those who want something for nothing. I enjoy reveling in irony and the fact that God is not mocked, you will reap what you sow.

Reap, American Church, reap.

4 thoughts on “Christianity and Election 2012”

  1. I believe the “has gone overboard on the notion of Grace” bit ought to read “has replaced the liberty found in Grace with licentiousness” …

  2. Well, I want to argue every once in a while!

    Nice correction Don. Thank you for following my train of thought.

  3. After Don’s correction I can’t argue with you one bit. Let us never say we have to work for grace, but rather let us work in gratitude for grace that has been given to us.
    I believe this nation has just been handed over to its desires! I hope God is not preparing a Babylon for us!

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