Silo Jesus

Bringing back a past tradition, here is the latest Jesus sighting.

Jesus has appeared on rust on a silo in Indiana.

Marksberry says what appeared on her silo is a small miracle and now that it’s here, she hopes it stays.
“I hope it’s a sign of a good thing,” said Marksberry. “I don’t know if it means anything or not. I would like to know.”

3 thoughts on “Silo Jesus”

  1. Is there a traditional view of what Muhammad’s face looks like? I don’t even know. Muslims don’t seem to appreciate any image of Muhammad, perhaps taking the ten commandments more seriously than us

  2. Heh! Yea, I forgot about that! :-o (I hope the Taliban won’t put a price on my head for saying it).

    But it shows perfectly what I believe to be the role of Islam. It arose as a reaction to the apostasy of Christianity in the Catholic church. The terms “king of the north” and “king of the south” in Daniel refer to two opposing powers, both of whom are in opposition to God’s kingdom. We find these divisions again and again: Pharisee and Sadducee, Liberal and Conservative, Capitalism and Communism, etc.

    Men sometimes think that a balance is achieved when you take these two opposing stands and give them equal voice, but it is actually confusion. The Lord’s answer is always different than either extreme.

    Islam arose as a reaction against the influx of images, saint worship, relics, and elaborate ceremonies that were flooding the church. It dispensed with and abhored these things. But it was still a religion of works-righteousness, just the same in essence as the Catholic nations whom it often warred with.

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