Crushing Lies

People are afraid to be truthful. We want people to like us and we’d prefer to like people, too. Truth has a way of dividing. Jesus Christ, who is The Truth, did not come to bring peace but a sword. His very presence polarizes.

Believers are members of His Body, therefore, our presence is supposed to polarize. Yet we’re also supposed to speak the truth in love. Our dropping of truth bombs is not a call to wipe out people, but a call to hopefully wake them to spiritual truth.

More than likely, no mater how lovingly you present truth, someone is going to be hurt. People want their comfy lies they’ve propped up to continue to support them through life. If your loving truth messes with their scaffolding of lies, get ready for trouble because they don’t want to fall.

Romans tells us people would rather change the truth of God into a lie, this is evidenced by worshiping the creation more than the Creator. Society pressures us into celebrating creation–look at the pretty people and the awesome things they do.

When you touch on religion, people don’t want to hear God’s Word, they want to have their lies supported so they can carry on feeling good about themselves. Don’t even mess with whatever work it is they cling to that proves their salvation–their ministry, their service, their teaching, their whatever it is that leads off their obituary proving their salvation.

Yes, salvation has fruits and you should be able to show your faith by your works, but if your works are your foundation, if they are what you trot out, if they are what makes you feel secure, then there’s a chance you’re believing a lie.

I have popped a few bubbles in my day, most of which I had no idea I was popping. I thought I was merely teaching the Bible and afterwards I find out I’ve trampled someone’s sacred cow and off they go in a self-righteousness huff. Most of the time reacting to things I didn’t say.

When I see that, I know I’m dealing with a delusional person, a person who is believing the lie of their lives over the truth of God’s Word. Truth is hammering away at us, do we have the sense to hear it and do the hard work of tearing down our walls? Can we die that Christ may live in us?

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  1. “Believers may not often realize it, but even as believers we are either centered on man or centered on God. There is no alternative. Either God is the center of our universe and we have become rightly adjusted to him, or we have made ourselves the center and are attempting to make all else orbit around us and for us.”- Ray Ortlund Sr.


    I understand your heart to see people be delivered from lies, and brought into a relationship with God’s amazing truth. The only chance a man has of being set free from sin, is in trusting that what Christ offers us, is more satisfying than what this world can offer. Even those of us whom have been set free, battle each day to trust this truth. I’m not so amazed that folks reject Christ’s offer of salvation constantly, but rather, that any of us are saved from God’s wrath.

    If you have personally (outside of a church setting) lead one person to Christ, you are one of the very few to have been blessed to experience God’s grace in this way, count that as a real blessing!

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