The Gospel is Christ

“God has a wonderful plan for your life.”

“Don’t you want to go to heaven and not hell?”

“God can remove all sin and guilt from you and promises you rich blessings instead.”

These statements, and ones like them, are given in a  sincere effort to get people saved. There may even be some truth to them, but I fear they misplace the emphasis the Gospel should have.

The common fault with all these statements is that what’s in it for me becomes the motivation. We are not so much calling people to Christ as we are calling them to a better self.

If “what’s in it for me” tactics appear in your Gospel, you may have swung over to salesmanship. Sales is based on getting the customer to say “yes.” Customers who get offers they can’t refuse will sign off and you’ll get your commission.

Convincing otherwise busy and supposedly poor people to give you time, let alone a commitment, is tough work. Therefore, you have to sweeten the deal by promising perks.

The Gospel is not a product to be sold. In all honesty, the Gospel will ruin your current life. You’ll see all you did before as being nothing but dung.  Paul was OK with that, but this same conclusion has led many to deny the Gospel and keep their illusions about their fantastic life.

The Gospel may ruin family relationships, cause division among friends, lead to ostracism and persecution, and might even lead to an early death. Jesus never tried to soften the Gospel message; He always made it harder and more demanding if anything.

Calling people to Christ gets their eyes off of self and on to He who is perfect. When we see Christ for who He is and are driven to Him in love and gratitude, what happens in this temporal life pales.

Calling people to a better life with Jesus tacked on, will merely leave people in self-absorbed narcissism and will never bring them to Christ. In fact, when they discover that Christ will ruin their checking account balance, many leave.

The Gospel is about Christ; not you. The Gospel is not a product for bait and switch tactics to get people to sign off on so we get a commission. The Gospel is Christ; He needs no sales force.

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