Selfish Sanctification

Sanctification is being set apart, usually implying purity or holiness. It is seen by a separation from sin.

Many Christians desire sanctification. I should be able to say “all Christians desire sanctification,” but I can’t because some don’t. Some have even invented doctrines that make sanctification optional, if not entirely burdensome and unnecessary.

But this is a minority, most desire a separation from sin, but again, sin is fun, so even here we must qualify. There is a sanctification that is entirely selfish and proud. It can look like this:

–I desire sanctification so I don’t have to struggle
–I desire sanctification so I don’t have to keep getting in trouble
–I desire sanctification so I can less hypocritically judge others
–I desire sanctification so I can look better
–I desire sanctification so I don’t keep looking like an idiot
–I desire sanctification so I fit in with “the group” better
–I desire sanctification so I fulfill my dreams
–I desire sanctification so I can write books on sanctification and how great it is to be me

The list could go on forever. Most of our desires for spirituality are still coming from the flesh.

Whole sanctification, the only kind God provides, is ultimately an imitation of Christ. We were given a body not to do our will, but the will of God. This involves the whole person–body, soul and spirit.

Whole sanctification is putting you to an end and makes Christ all. We are sanctified to holiness, but even after holiness appears, we must also sanctify that holiness to God!

In other words, the results of sanctification, holiness every time, are not for our usage but for God’s use. Our holiness is not so we can fulfill dreams, write books or fit in with groups of people we want to be like. Our holiness is for God and to be used by Him for His glory, not yours.

The flesh gets us all over the place. There is no bit of life that we can trust the flesh to, that’s why we should desire to be wholly sanctified! Even our sanctification is His!

One thought on “Selfish Sanctification”

  1. Do you want to know the root and spring of humility? One word describes it. The root of humility is right knowledge. The person who really knows himself and his own heart, who knows God and his infinite majesty and holiness, who knows Christ and the price at which he was redeemed, that person will never be a proud person. He will count himself, like Jacob, unworthy of the least of all God’s mercies. He will say of himself, like Job, ”I am unworthy.” He will cry, like Paul, “I am the worst of sinners” He will consider others better than himself (Philippians 2:3).

    Ignorance–nothing but sheer ignorance, ignorance of self, of God, and of Christ–is the real secret of pride.

    From that miserable self-ignorance may we daily pray to be delivered. The wise person knows himself and will find nothing within to make him proud.

    – JC Ryle, Commentary on Luke

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