The Suffering of the Messiah

A god who becomes flesh to suffer and die doesn’t seem like much of a god, more like a god with a really weak plan. Unless you see the depth of the plan, the depth of the problem and the depth of the wisdom of God.

The cross is foolishness to the world. It doesn’t make much sense to the “rational” mind.

At the same time, the suffering of Christ is n0t what avails for us. His suffering was not meritorious. His suffering is not where the power lies. Many have suffered, and many have even suffered on a cross.

What makes Christ’s sufferings worth anything is The Blood that was shed and The Body that was broken. Human suffering does not save souls.

Generally when the Bible speaks of Christ’s sufferings, it’s spoken of as something to join Him in. Those who suffer with Him will reign with Him. We desire to know the “fellowship of His sufferings” like Paul. Those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

He suffered as an example for us, as a demonstration of His love, His patience, His long-suffering. What we are so unlikely to do for others–be inconvenienced to the point of pain–Christ did for us. Let us join Him there and show the love of Christ to others.

One thought on “The Suffering of the Messiah”

  1. >What we are so unlikely to do for others–be inconvenienced
    >to the point of pain–Christ did for us.

    Actually, people will suffer for others, even to the point of pain. For example, mothers will gladly run in front of moving cars and trucks to rescue their child from the road…and fathers will take on wild animals to protect their children. These are just a few examples.

    What they normally won’t to though, is suffer these same things for their enemies. Suffering for family is okay, suffering for those of the same faith is okay, even suffering for country is okay. But enemies? No.

    But Christ showed the difference between divine and human love by suffering also for His enemies. Human love will do great deeds for it’s own flesh, or its own kind. Divine love will do great deeds for these, but also for it’s enemies, because it is always looking for those in greatest need.

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