Struggle With Sin

My computer has contracted a virus that my anti-virus software cannot remove. This particular virus has the ability to reproduce itself apparently, so it keeps coming back. It’s something like generic dropper cmmi. It’s an annoying one.

I am currently running another program now that says it can eliminate this virus, but we’ll see. I aint holding my breath.

A reproducing virus that can’t be gotten rid of is not just a problem for my computer. I also have a virus that reproduces and just when I think I’ve dealt with it, gotten rid of it and flushed the system, it comes right back.

Sin gets me down. I get tired of blowing it. I get tired of the struggle, sometimes it’s easier just to give in and get it over with than fight and still end up doing it anyway.

Christians offer two bits of advice at this point:

1) You’re probably not saved. Saved people don’t sin. Christ eradicates the old man and sin never causes you to tumble again. If it does, you know you aren’t saved.

2) Hey, no worries mate, there is no condemnation to those in Christ! It doesn’t really matter. Don’t let it get you down.

Both answers completely fall flat for me.

Sinless perfection exists in some people’s heads, but a brief observation of their lives shows they are merely not paying attention. (One guy I follow on Facebook that claims to be sinlessly perfect posted a picture the other day with “OMG” on it. I chuckled. Which was a sin, but I never claimed to be free from it.)

I am free from condemnation in Christ, but to even hint at the possibility that sin shouldn’t bother a guy anymore seems much closer to having a hardened conscience than it does to spiritual sensitivity. Sin is disobedience to God, how can a guy not be bothered by that?

Sin is an evil beast. I do put all my faith in Jesus Christ who will ultimately deliver me from the body of this death. But until I reach that finish line, I will continue to lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets me.

I won’t win til I’m done and I aint done yet. Never give up the fight against sin. Don’t fall for sinless mindlessness but pray that you enter not into temptation. Don’t revel in a spiritual happy zone that makes sin harmless. Sin is always dangerous. Flee. Resist. He is faithful to cleanse us.

Then flee again. Resist again. He is still faithful.

So, flee again. Resist again. He’s still faithful.

Don’t stop. The race needs to be finished.

Flee. Resist. He is faithful.

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  1. Jeff,

    re: your computer. Try booting into “Safe Mode with Networking”. You have to hit F8 a few times when the computer first starts up to get the screen of choices. If you get into Safe Mode, some malware and viruses won’t run because safe mode loads a very stripped down system. Then download (if you don’t have it) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and run a full scan. If that still doesn’t eliminate it, get a program called ComboFix. Run it from Safe Mode also.

  2. “for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.”-Jer. 2:13

    Sin- looking to something else, anything else, other than God, to quench our hearts thirsts. Sin is trusting in man made faulty systems (prideful and self serving items) to provide a lasting joy, but they all are cracked and leaking and eventually run dry.

    “On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”- John 7: 37-38

    Defeating the enticement of sin is not by willpower, we may hold off from submitting to temptation for a period of time, but eventually we will fall. No the power to defeat sin is to drink, to drink the living water that only Christ can provide.

    Here’s a great insight from the creator of Veggie-Tales Phil Vischer

    I looked back at the previous 10 years and realized I had spent 10 years trying to convince kids to behave Christianly without actually teaching them Christianity. And that was a pretty serious conviction. You can say, “Hey kids, be more forgiving because the Bible says so,” or “Hey kids, be more kind because the Bible says so!” But that isn’t Christianity, it’s morality. . . .

    And that was such a huge shift for me from the American Christian ideal. We’re drinking a cocktail that’s a mix of the Protestant work ethic, the American dream, and the gospel. And we’ve intertwined them so completely that we can’t tell them apart anymore. Our gospel has become a gospel of following your dreams and being good so God will make all your dreams come true. It’s the Oprah god. So I had to peel that apart.

    Why do so many of the young people who were raised in church leave and never return? Because they are thirsty and what they were given to drink was moralism and not the living water that is Christ. To a young man who is full of desire and raging hormones and is struggling with sin, it is not helpful to tell him don’t view porn because it will lead to death. No what he needs is to know that there is an answer, there is a source of happiness that will never run dry, if you put your trust in Him.

  3. Jeff,

    One more thing with your computer. Get the Kaspersky TDSSKiller (it’s free) and run it. It’s a rootkit checker. Rootkits hook into your device drivers and are very difficult to eliminate…and hence, can come back again and again. The tricky part about a rootkit is that it can hook into the filesystem driver, and anytime an antivirus program wants to check a file, the rootkit sends back the message that everything is OK. So it never gets detected.

  4. Frank,
    Already tried malware bytes. I’ve got a friend who is going to come over and help me out with it, but appreciate your help.

  5. Paul,
    Obviously the victory is through the Spirit, no denying that. But the happy notion that we just sit back and wait for sin to disappear is not realistic. The Bible tells us to fight, run, resist, flee, bring body under submission, kill off, put on armor, put off old man, etc. We have something to do with it at some point. To think otherwise is to blame God for our sin, to be unfaithful with our stewardship, and quenches and grieves the Spirit.

  6. Jeff,
    I totally agree that we don’t “sit around” we run to the One who can fill us. That is what it means to “live” by faith, not by moralism.

  7. Indeed. I’ve seen people messed up in both sides–trying to bash out sin without faith and those who think they are exercising faith by not actively fighting. Ultimately, apart from the Spirit, there is no victory, nor even a point in fighting. But with the Spirit, with the whole armor of God, the fight can be won, but still must be fought!

  8. Amen, fight with the fight of faith!

    Jesus beckons us to come to Him, when we are spiritually tired, thirsty, hungry, that takes faith, when our flesh is telling us to click on porn, or whatever, what are we going to trust to satisfy us?

    We come to Christ by faith, but most folks have no idea how to “live” by faith.

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