Dear America: Happy Birthday and Nice Try

America has been a nice country to grow up in. I like it’s weather, abundance of food options, the freedom to assemble and worship, the free press, apple pie and baseball. There is no other country on earth I’d rather live in.

My appreciation and enjoyment of our country does not, however, lead me to think that we are exceptional. American exceptionalism seems to say that Americans are above the rest of the fallen human natures that make up other countries.

People are people, there is no difference between Jew and Gentile or Gentiles and Gentiles. We’re all fallen short of the glory of God. We all have hearts that are desperately wicked and deceitful. Americans are no different, therefore, our country is no exception.

We’re going to tumble just as every other world power has. We’re going to have the same moral destruction and the same inevitable division and collapse.

I remember as a kid people being in wonderment over why America was not included in biblical prophecy! Surely, we being the only country founded by God, we would play a central role in His plan. Some would make something about an eagle showing up in prophetic verses or perhaps we’re the Great Whore of Revelation 18, the great consumer.

Nope, we’re just not there, cuz we’re just like every other country–evil and not heaven on earth.

The only nation that has a right to claim exceptionalism is Israel, and not because they are humanly superior, but because God created them to be a blessing to the nations. When we hijack their promises and apply them to the USA we make a mockery of God, the Bible and Israel. Resist this urge to read America in Israels’ promises.

America, you’re young and dying. Thanks for the good times. No offense, but I live for a better country. You can’t compete.

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  1. I busted out laughing at the Title of this post.
    Have a good 4th of July Jeff.

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