Stingy Christians

Charitable giving by professed Christians hovers around 2% of income. This is pathetic in so many ways.

I understand that for a majority, tithing is a law deed, a work of righteousness more than likely condemning you to hell for forsaking grace, but 2%?

My favorite line about tithe-rejecters is the one that goes–“Tithing is from the Law and they gave out of fear; we give out of love, not fear.” Which is real great because what does your 2% say about your love for God?

People who don’t give their money to help others are rejecting grace, since grace is giving help to others. If 98% of your income goes to you, it is very difficult to proclaim that you love your neighbor. Our money is one of the best barometers of how our faith is doing. Someone should write a book about this.

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