Complexifying The Simplicitous

God is very complex and His ways are past finding out. We know this because He made females after His own image.

God is also quite simple and straightforward, fairly easy to generally understand. We know this because He made man after His own image.

We should be content to leave the complex parts of God complex, admit “I don’t know” from time to time and revel in God’s infinite majesty. At the same time, God revealed things so we could understand and we should be able from time to time to give a definitive answer about who He is and how He operates.

The problem is that most of the simple things simply revealed, are hard to swallow! The unrighteous go to hell. The righteous go to heaven. You reap what you sow. Every man is rewarded according to the deeds done in his body.

“OK wait, so what you’re saying is that I can be unrighteous and still go to heaven because of grace right? I know that’s what you really mean!”

Humans tend to complicate the simple and simplify the complex. Pretty much everything the Church is confident about is an over simplification of a complex issue. Pretty much everything the Church is wishy-washy about is fairly straightforward in Scripture.

Be aware of this tendency next time you hear a Christian definitively state a fact with a judgmental flair. Also beware anytime someone seems to be using too large of words and complex sentence structure to talk about any doctrine.

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