The Continuum of Faith

Faith is a real happy thing to talk about until it comes to practical application. One of my children attended a kid’s ministry thing at another church a while ago and came home and told me what the application was of each day.

Goodness. I shudder. I tremble. I worry. I rejoice my child sees through it for now.

“Faith means trusting God. With God all things are possible. If you’re scared to walk down a dark street, pray and God will protect you.” I cringe. Last Monday a guy prayed before our church softball game that God would prevent injuries. I hate it when people pray that. Inevitably someone gets hurt in those games. Indeed, one of our best players is out for a couple of weeks.

Sigh. Does anyone think about these things? I think there is a continuum of living out faith and it goes something like this:

Faith—————————–Common Sense————————Testing God

Faith at its best defies logic. Israel, the smallest nation with hardly any weapons repeatedly defeated stronger enemies. Makes no sense and they looked dumb for trusting God. Until they won.

Common Sense is acting on applied logic and predictable laws governing our world. Want to reap? Then you gotta sow.

Testing God is the extreme and almost goes full circle back to faith, as all continuums are really circles. Testing God also defies logic, but acts out of accord with God’s character.

So, let’s apply faith–leave your doors unlocked. Is this common sense? It might be depending on where you live and what’s going on. Or it might be a matter of faith. Then again, you might just be testing God and relying on Him to supernaturally protect your house when He gave you locks.

There are so many issues this applies to and is really where faith becomes fleshed out. I can’t answer all the scenarios, this is just what I’ve observed to this point. I know we should avoid testing God and I know God gave us brains and predictable laws that govern our universe, and yet, at what point do we step out on faith?

One man’s act of faith is another man’s common sense. One man’s act of common sense is testing God for another. We’re all in different spots in our faith and we need to remember to treat each other with grace as we figure out what the life of faith looks like. If God wanted my life to look just like yours, He would have made me you.

I can’t answer the questions, but I can ask em quite well!

One thought on “The Continuum of Faith”

  1. Praying that nobody would get hurt during the game is not faith, it’s just “wishful thinking”.

    I say this because it is not our part to decide whether we should live or die, or how long and pleasant that life should be. This is all in God’s domain. Then why are we stepping into His throne and telling Him how to run things?

    Did you ever see Jesus praying for a safe journey to Jerusalem? Or Paul? No, instead they made sure they were doing the work that the Lord wanted them to do, and then left the protection, provision, and consequences with Him.

    Now if you’re not sure that the Lord wants you out on the field, then don’t go. But if you are sure, and the ball hits you in the head and kills you, then all the others can say “The Lord gave, the Lord took away, blessed be His name.”

    And THAT is living by faith (on their part…but possibly “dying in the faith” on yours!).

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