People Are Dumber Than Rocks

Stones have an interesting role in the Gospels. Seriously, they do.

–God can get children from stones
–Satan tempts Christ to turn stones into bread
–Stones would praise Christ if people didn’t
–Christ prophesies that not one stone will be left on another in Jerusalem
–Jesus is the stone that the builders rejected
–First thing the resurrected Christ did was roll the stone out of the way

Amazing what a central role stones play in the story! Who knew inanimate objects could do so much? Perhaps the only other inanimate object that outdoes them are trees–Jesus was a carpenter’s son, Zaccheus climbed one, Christ was crucified on one, etc.

The amazing thing about stones is that they always do what their Creator tells them. They topple, they roll, they would even praise God if and when God tells them to. Rocks always do God’s will.

Don’t be dumber than a rock.

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