Praising God for Human Effort

We are to be thankful for everything. All good things come from God.

With these foundational assumptions, I want to look at this a bit more.

There was a hotly contestant election in my state last week. The candidate who outspent the other candidate by seven times won the election. During his acceptance speech he thanked God for his win.

I often wonder, when people chalk up their wins to God, if God really had much to do with it? I know, sovereignty and all that, but that’s not my point. We also reap what we sow. A guy who works 120 hours a week to buy a fancy house, car, pool, and everything else, if he gives God credit for all his stuff, is that right?

When the Bible shows God providing, giving a win, it always occurs in a fashion that makes obvious it wasn’t by human means. Gideon takes an overly small army, Hezekiah didn’t do anything but pray and thousands of Assyrians fell over.

David was made king and didn’t even get his dad’s vote. Abraham refused payment from others so they couldn’t take credit for his coming wealth. Prophets are despised guys who picked fruit or watched sheep. Moses couldn’t talk.

By using these weak guys through weak means, God shows His provision. When we focus our entire life on making money to get stuff and then give God credit for our stuff, I think we perhaps are using His name in vain.

If a guy won an election by spending no money, making no ads, and doing very little at all in the way of human wisdom and won, then, perhaps, God had something to do with it. Then again, Jesse Ventura got elected governor of MN and I’m quite sure God had nothing to do with that.

Anyway, something to think about.

One thought on “Praising God for Human Effort”

  1. I agree 100% with this.

    Giving God the credit, in those cases where human glory is paraded, is just a cover. It’s using God’s name to justify and cover the real sin that lurks underneath.

    I’ve had people send me those PowerPoint shows in email, where they say stuff like “thank God you have enough food, because millions don’t”, and so on.

    I once replied to one of the people that the reason we have so much is not because of God, it’s because of our capitalist system which reduces the poorer nations to slavery, and our selfishness because we consume way more resources per person than other nations. He wasn’t too impressed, but I don’t get those emails anymore.

    But that’s a blessing and I “give God the glory” for that!

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