The Spiritual Kingdom of God

Seems to me there are two forms of the Kingdom of God:

1) Literal, on earth Kingdom of God where God reigns in a specific geographical area over a physical race of people.
2) Spiritual form of the Kingdom where all those who hold God as King dwell no matter what land they live in–My Kingdom is not of this earth, the Kingdom of God is within you.

That being the case, when did the Literal, on earth Kingdom of God end and the Spiritual Kingdom begin?

One would assume that in order to be in God’s Kingdom God would be your King. Israel, as God’s chosen nation, had God as King since God called Abram. But then it ended right around 1 Samuel 8:7 when God says to Samuel, “they have not rejected you,  but they have rejected me from being king over them.”

1 Samuel 12:12 God says that the people said “‘No, but a king shall reign over us,’  when the Lord your God was your king.” If God isn’t your King, you can’t be in His Kingdom!

Once King Saul took the throne the literal, on earth kingdom was at an end. Israel now became a type of the Kingdom of God rather than the true kingdom of God.

When Jesus arrived people called Him “Christ.” This word means “anointed one,” in other words, King! The first thing Samuel did to Saul in proclaiming him king was anoint him with oil. Every time we claim Jesus as Christ we claim Him as our King and are “translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son.”

If Christ is your King you are in the Kingdom of God. What are the implications if you claim someone else as your king? Not good.

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