Samuel, Tests and Preaching

Samuel is a young boy dedicated to temple service. He is awoken several times by the voice of the Lord (actually it says the Lord stood and spoke to Samuel) but Samuel “did not know the Lord” so he was mainly confused by the experience.

I remember the flannel graph Sunday School lesson on this, but do not recall what the application was for us. Probably something¬†like, “so you better go to church.”

At this point in my life I see this initial experience as a necessary event in the greater life of Samuel the prophet. This was a test to prepare him for the rest.

Samuel was chosen above the priest’s sons to be spoken to. This was awkward enough, but then to have the first message he was charged with be, “Your master has creepy sons that are going to be killed” was even more difficult.

When the priest came and asked Samuel wat the Lord had said, Samuel told him all that the Lord communicated.

Wow. Imagine being a young boy telling your master and teacher that God was against him. That’s heavy stuff.

Believers are faced with tests like this. Are you willing to stand up for the Lord amidst awkwardness? Do you have the guts to deliver the message at those crucial times? Perhaps one reason for lack of effectiveness is because we fail these tests.

If we can’t handle the small, how will we handle the big? Is God’s Word true enough for us to risk our own security, relationships and comfort for? Time does indeed tell.

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