“Throw Them All Out,” Cronyism and Christianity

I am a government objector, not sure what the right term is for the guy who doesn’t vote and tries not to care about government, but that’s what I am.

Some Christians think I’m horrible for not voting and caring, but for me, it’s what I have to do to stay untangled from the affairs of this world, plus I think I can make a biblical case for it, which is why I do it (more coming on this in the future).

Recently I read, Throw Them All Out: How politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison.”

Why does a guy who abstains from voting and caring about government read this book? Because it backs up my point: vote for whomever you wish, they’re all basically the same.

I want to avoid making a generalization, like saying all baseball players are on the juice, but still paint with as broad a brush as applies.

As an American, you should read this book to see what’s up. He details how laws are passed, handouts are made and politicians grow their portfolios through it all. He gives names, facts, numbers and sources of both parties.

Basically, Washington DC is entirely corrupt and the rich get richer as the rich and government are increasingly the same people. This is modern-day injustice and eventually oppression.

What should the Christians’ response be? Voting won’t cut it as history shows no one is immune. Assassination is against God’s law. Moving to Quebec is just chilly.

To me the answer is what the Bible says: pray for them and let God sort it out. The wicked prosper down here, they get their earthly reward they are working for, but ultimately God decides and His decisions last for eternity.

I know, this is akin to throwing in the towel to believers since we know prayer doesn’t work. But what we need in this country is not different politicians, we need the Gospel to transform lives. We need the Kingdom to come.

It’s the only answer and always will be the only answer. Never look to men to solve the problems of men.

8 thoughts on ““Throw Them All Out,” Cronyism and Christianity”

  1. I have voted on such things as where should we go for supper? and should we watch this movie or that movie, but as far as politics, I have not voted since the first time George W. Bush was elected.

  2. Jeff, that sounds like a kid sulking up in the corner because he did not get his way. We are put in a country by the Lord that gives use a right to vote.. Just because someone doesn’t turn out the way we thought they would or they become thieves in office doesn’t mean we should give up. Men and women have fought and died to give us this right and I for one never miss a opportunity to cast my one vote. All government has been put in place by God whether we agree with it or not. If we sit here and not vote we are saying we are happy with what we have. That is as bad as a follower of Christ not witnessing to a man because the last man he talked to about Christ spit in his face.Our hope is in Christ, we know how it all plays out but we are to do our parts as citizens of this country to pay taxes and cast our vote. We give to Cesar what is his and to the Lord what is the Lords.

  3. People who died for this country did not die so I could vote, they died so I could be free. Part of being free is the ability to be free not to vote. There is a long Christian history of government conscientious objectors.

    The Bible does not tell me to vote. It clearly tells me to seek first the Kingdom of God and obey the King of Kings.

    This stance is not an emotional sulk, but a well thought out spiritually reasoned act on my part I made 10 years ago and have continued to examine since. It’s the result of my own struggles with being earthly minded. I believe the Lord by His Spirit has led me here. Your judgment of it means far less.

  4. I am trying to figure this one out. Where does it say not to vote in the Bible and how is one earthly minded by voting? If that is the case you have opened the door for legalism, that which you talk against a lot on your blog. There is no difference in worldliness in voting and worldliness in playing sports ext… Also, you would not be free if people did not vote for freedom and if people did not fight for that right you would loose the right to vote. You are free to do many things in this country that is true. You have the right not to vote. What if everyone did not vote? Where would we be today if we did not vote?
    I seek first the Lord in all that I do and that includes voting.
    I am not judging you but questioning why? When you post something on this blog many people see it and sometimes the other side needs to be said. Is what you say always right, no. Is everything I say always right, no.
    Take Care Jeff!

  5. The Bible does not say not to vote, nor does it say to vote. I have chosen not to.

    Voting for you may not be earthly minded, it is for me, which is why I don’t do it. When I vote, I put my name on a person, which makes me involved, and makes it harder for me to pray for them sincerely when they drag my name into the things I disagree with and hinders my ability to lead a quiet and peaceable life, and it led me further away from spiritual concerns. If it doesn’t bother you, fine. Vote. I am not writing to tell anyone not to, I am writing, explaining where I’m at. When I stick my name on someone I assume I’ll be held accountable for that. I struggle finding a politician to put my name on and be able to give a reason for doing so before my Judge.

    Romans 13 says God ordains the rulers, if no one voted we’d still get the ruler God ordained and I would still honor and pay taxes. Your side is well spoken for already from the majority of American believers. It is my minority view that is not expressed, which is why I expressed it.

    The objections always raised are
    1) Romans 13 says to honor and vote is usually interpreted out of that
    2) People died for our right to vote. I’m not sure about that since they also died for my right not to vote.
    3) Abortion–I fail to see how voting has helped this issue
    4) IF you don’t vote you can’t criticize. I disagree with this logically, but even so, it was my voting that led me to be more judgmental which then led me to not vote so it proves my point anyway

    I have yet to meet an objection that has led me to change my mind on the issue. That is not to say I won’t change, I may. But for now, I’m good here. I assume you are good where you are. I’m good with that as well!

  6. I must admit I always vote but increasingly am disillusioned with the choice of parties and candidates we get in UK. I have often said to friends that I wish there was a box at the bottom of the ballet paper that said “None of the above.” If there was that would often get my vote!

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