A Handsome Hairy Guy and His Bible

I teach a group of 3-6th graders on Wednesday evenings. They have a very basic knowledge of the Bible, just stuff they remember, not necessarily stuff they understand, although with kids you never know.

The last few weeks I’ve read eight verses from Psalm 119 and shown them how each verse speaks of how important God’s Word is and the benefits that come from listening to it.

The rest of the time I analyze philosophical statements they found in the halls of the school we meet in and talk about Bible verses that agree or disagree with those statements. We’ve had phrases like

“Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”
“You make the world special when you are in it.”
And even “bald is beautiful,” in which we determined that kids think bald people are ugly and that I am handsome, which, you know, I am hairy.

My intent is to get kids to think about what they hear and line it up with Scripture. Don’t believe it if you can’t back it up. At this age, most kids conclude what I conclude, they’re still willing to go along with authority, but I know this changes.

I’m OK with that change too. My desire is to turn these kids on to the Word of God and learn how to think with it. Hide it in their heart that they might not sin against God.

Our biggest concern should be that we answer to God and we answer alone. Don’t expect to ride into heaven on the coattails of someone else. Know the Word and go with what you’ve got. Where you are off, God will show this to you.

It is the Word that teaches, reproves, corrects and instructs, but it can’t do that if you aint in it and being exercised by it.

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