The Gospel and Being In Christ

There is much talk in evangelism of “inviting Jesus into your heart.” This seems to mainly be taken from Revelation 3:20.

Certainly there is an aspect of the Gospel that relates to Jesus being in believers, but another aspect is the believer being in Jesus! When was the last time you heard a Gospel invitation that invited you into Christ, rather than inviting Christ into you?

I think we gravitate toward Jesus being in us because it makes more of us. Hey, I have Jesus in me, how cool am I? Whereas being placed into Christ sort of makes more of Christ, we might just get lost there, how can I brag about that?

When presenting the Gospel, people want to feel better, or at least those who share the Gospel assume people want to feel better. “You can have God in you” sounds better than “You can disappear in God.” Who knows if humanistic narcissists would hear that!

Getting lost in Christ is a beautiful picture, one our flesh will struggle rejoicing in. Both elements are there–Christ in us/us in Christ–one does not cancel the other. But let’s make sure we emphasize both, not just the one that makes people feel better about themselves.

3 thoughts on “The Gospel and Being In Christ”

  1. “Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him.” John 6: 56
    So true Jeff, we become one with Christ, perhaps when discussing the new birth it may be easier to relate from the aspect of receiving, we need what He is. We hunger, we thirst, God doesn’t need us, we need Him. But your point is a valid one, and perhaps one that is overlooked by folks sharing the gospel.

  2. That’s an wonderful observation. I enjoy feeling these tensions in truth.

    Unfortunately, now it’s something that’s always going to bother me when people talk about one way and not the other. Sort of like when some points out that another person says, “Um” a lot, and then you can’t help but notice how often they say it. Agh!

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