What Does God Want Me to do With My Life?

In a brief span of time I heard two pastors give advice to people wondering what God wanted them to do with their lives. I’ll sum up their conclusions:

Conclusion One: You must sit still, think, pray, journal, be alone with God and He will reveal to you what you must do.

Conclusion Two: Don’t sit still, you get out and do, see what you like, read the Word, do what God has said in there and God will reveal what you must do.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with either one, I was merely amused by the exact opposite conclusion these men gave. Which one should I listen to?

Should I base it off the life of the speaker? Speaker one is more famous, I never even heard of the second guy. Guess I should be still then.

Should I base it off Scripture? Well, second guy seemed better with actual Scriptural proof for his idea. Jesus did not journal, contrary to speaker one’s statement that he did (really, he said that Jesus got alone with God to journal. I laughed.)

So, what does God want you to do in life? I have no idea and neither do you. Should you try to find out? Sure. How do you go about finding it out? I don’t know.

Scripture shows that men are not all the same nor dealt with the same. Sometimes God shows up in a burning bush, sometimes an angel shows up, sometimes guys just get it, sometimes guys never know, sometimes a guy’s life completely falls apart, and the vast majority of guys are never mentioned in Scripture.

Being obsessed with what God wants you to do for a job, marriage, college, etc., is not anything you ever see anyone in the Bible worrying about.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

Neither of the speakers mentioned this yet it’s the whole point. There’s no money in this, there’s no inherent fame, there’s no goal setting, self-esteem boosting, dream fulfilling blather. Just this, so I suggest you do this.

5 thoughts on “What Does God Want Me to do With My Life?”

  1. 1. There is no minister of the gospel of God that ever has asked that question. For Jesus says “I have come that they MIGHT have life.” It is only the ministers of the false message of salvation that have no better sense than to ask that question.
    2. “Scripture shows that men are not all the same nor dealt with the same.”
    Beg to differ. “God does not respect persons.” Every man that does not use the small narrow gate Jesus has perfected by being crucified that man perishes. There are no exceptions.
    3. “It is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” Rom. 2:13 Every minister of the gospel of God knows what this statement means and why.
    4. “Which one {of the two “ministers”} should I listen too?” Neither.

  2. As to point 2, what I meant is the way He guides people is not all the same. Not everyone gets a burning bush, an angelic visit, etc. There is no set rule with determining God’s leading laid down in Scripture, so it’s a waste to encourage people to look for burning bushes, angels, etc. Yet I hear many a pastor take one example from Scripture and make it normative.

  3. I think it’s fairly evident that all the great people we encounter in Scripture did both to a realistic extent, meaning they both made time to be alone with God, and also made sure to get out and build human relationships as well. This is particularly true for Jesus.

  4. >There’s no money in this, there’s no inherent fame,
    > there’s no goal setting, self-esteem boosting,
    > dream-fulfilling blather.

    I appreciate this point. It’s very important, when seeking counsel from God, to pray for freedom from self-seeking:

    Proverbs 3:5,6 – “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

    If our hearts have selfish desires, then God can’t answer, for He speaks in the language of selflessness.

    Elijah’s prayer for rain took seven attempts…not because the Lord was unwilling, but because the Lord was doing a great work through Elijah, but Elijah had to see that his humanity was nothing and God’s glory everything. When a man truly bows in prayer, he confesses his helplessness. Seven is the number of completeness. Seven prayers means completely helpless!

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