* Short video on Franny Crosby, who wrote many hymns, some of which are familiar to frequent church-goers. Quite the life.

* Customized Tebow jerseys are making a stir. It is easy to confuse the Savior of mankind with a 3-1 quarterback.

* Speaking of football, can’t skip this story. Woot.

* Awesome article about Bible reading. “One week I read Ephesians 93 TIMES THROUGH and on Sunday preached without notes under the strongest anointing I ever felt in a single service in my life.” DL Moody

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  1. One week I read Ephesians 93 TIMES THROUGH
    Very challenging reading that quote and others from that site. Reminds me of Psalm 119 when David speaks of his love and hunger for God’s word. We evangelicals claim that we believe that the Bible is God’s word yet we (or certainly I anyway) spend so little time reading it each day. Maybe if I really believed that as I claim to I wouid read it more each day!

  2. I found the article to be amazing. SOme of the anecdotes were inspiring as well as somewhat depressing, but in a good way! Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We’re malnourished at best.

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