NEWS FLASH!!! Christians Aren’t Supposed to Sin!

Sin is fun. Sin is natural. Therefore, no one really wants to stop sinning.

God does not like sin, but we do. Logic tells us that we should not sin, but it’s still natural and fun, so maybe, instead of changing us, it would be easier to change God!

Fantastical idea! Let’s invent a God who doesn’t mind us sinning! Then, let’s invent this God’s doctrine to fit around our desire to do our fun natural sin. Oh man, now you’re talking!

Hyper-Calvinism was invented to chalk everything up to God’s ordaining, I can’t help it, I’m not good, depraved you know, must sin, God made me.

Hyper-Grace was invented to chalk everything up to “aw, who cares!” If God is grace then He shouldn’t care what I do. Nothing really matters, anyone can see, nothing really matters to Thee. Remember God?

We deceive ourselves into thinking that sin is no big deal. We deceive ourselves into thinking that we are declared righteous even though we basically just do unrighteousness.

“Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.”

“As saith the proverb of the ancients, Wickedness proceedeth from the wicked.”

You can play games with it all you want, but the simple facts are the simple facts. Corrupt trees don’t bring forth good fruit and good trees don’t bring forth corrupt fruit.

Might be time to deal with the Real God not the God of your sinful mind.

5 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!!! Christians Aren’t Supposed to Sin!”

  1. What about mistakes? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Christian who hasn’t sinned after becoming a Christian.

  2. Josh, pardon me for jumping in, perhaps Jeff has an answer for you also. But it occured to me that while there is provision in the Gospel for mistakes, there is no provision for excuses. Excuses for sin are fig-leaf coverings; they are what sinners first try when God comes to them as a judge. They are a false covering, and must not be confused with the covering of the Lamb, which can only be put on when the fig leaves are put away. Excuses for sin end up blaming God for the problem, and actually lead to more sin. They are the trump card in Satan’s deck of lies.

  3. Jeff, it strikes me that what this world really needs are people who are absolutely captivated and enthralled with righteousness. Or as the Bible states it, a people “zealous of good works”; who love not only the reward, but love the way; who “hunger and thirst for righteousness” and to whom Christ is the one “altogether lovely”.

    I think most of us could find some areas in our life where sin is no longer attractive, and we hate and shun those things we once enjoyed. But sometimes we leave a few doors open, “just in case”. What has helped me is to burn my bridges when I leave sin behind.

    I once played in a rock band (about 25 years ago), and when I was converted to Christ, I felt it a duty to destroy everything that would remind me of that time: pictures, audio recordings of our performances, even my customized guitar and effects boxes. It wasn’t easy but I dumped it all. The flesh wanted to hold on, pleading excuses like, “maybe you could use it someday to show people where you were and what Christ saved you from,” but I wasn’t deceived by those lies. It was a source of pride and the old life, and it had to be completely cut off.

    It still took many years for me to get that music out of me, I would tend to pick up the guitar (the acoustic one I bought to replace the electric), and just go into “jamming mode”, idly playing licks and patterns for an hour or more…almost like being in a meditative trance! It also took a longer time to get out of the rut of using music like a drug to make me happy. It used to be when I moved into a new apartment, the first thing I had to do was set up the stereo so I would have music. Now, I rarely have music playing in the background. My most common use of music now is to sing or compose a hymn to God, and I’ve come to appreciate the silence much more!

  4. Josh,
    Good question. I’d agree with Frank that grace has us covered, where sin abounds grace does much more abound, one can never limit grace.

    At the same time, if our understanding of grace makes righteousness optional, we’ve not understood grace. Grace covering my sin, rather than thrilling me in sin, should thrill me in Christ, leading me to hate what Christ hates and love what He loves. If it does not do this I’ve taken the grace of God in vain. Grace teaches us to deny ungodliness–Titus 2:11,12

  5. Frank,
    I hear ya. There rationalizations of the mind are deceptive. Making a clean cut is tough. The flesh holds on dearly to its lusts and has no interest in any two-edged swords cutting and dicing its joys.

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