The 2nd Largest Misconception of the OT

There is a notion that grace was invented with Jesus. “The Law came by Moses but grace and truth by Jesus Christ” is flopped out as a proof-text.

This is a ridiculous proof-text based on this point: When exactly did Christ begin?! John 1:17 is our proof-text, which follows John 1:1–in the beginning was the word, etc.

If you want proof texts, here’s some beauties. Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh because he knew God was gracious! From what exactly did Jonah base this opinion of God on?

More than likely, Jonah had Moses’ books, the Psalms, maybe a few others, yet he knew God was gracious to the extent that God would save heathen scum Nineveh!

Proof text this: Cain kills his brother and God graciously saves Cain’s life.

Proof text this: God told Adam and Eve if they ate from the tree they would die, and I know the typical Christian line is that He meant spiritual death, but He didn’t and they didn’t die. Not getting the punishment you deserve is called “grace.”

Grace is alive and well throughout the entire Bible. There is only one way man is saved: by grace through faith. That’s it. Same for Cain and same for you and me. God is gracious, and as one fine theologian once said: God, He don’t never change.

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