Sluts, Brides and Church

“Slut” and “Whore” are two words that describe a woman who gives herself to any man who pays attention to her.

“Bride” is a woman who dedicates her life to one man and desires to satisfy him and him alone, all other men can jump in a lake.

With these terms defined, what do we term the seeker sensitive church? Is church marketing nothing more than makeup on the face of a whore?

The Church, being the Bride of Christ as opposed to the Whore of Man, is dedicated to satisfying one man–Jesus Christ and could care less if all other men in the world went and jumped in a lake.

If The Church is appealing to any man’s fleshly desires it is then not the Bride of Christ but rather a whore.

This thought pattern has impacted lots of what I have done and not done in my twelve years as pastor. I would rather be on the side of caution and under-market church than market it and tempt the whorish impulses that men will draw out.

3 thoughts on “Sluts, Brides and Church”

  1. I would hope that all Bible believing churches would be seeker friendly. I believe our little church try’s to make people feel welcomed. But we would never preach another gospel than Christ crucified, buried, and raised from the dead for the salvation of sinners.
    If being seeker sensitive means we hold back some of God’s word as to not to offend, then we are no longer the true church. I know sinners would feel welcomed and loved, but they would certainly hear the truth, preached in love, so that they may gain eternal life.
    They may not return, but when they were in our midst, they were shown were to find the Living Water, which means turning away from this world’s cheap substitute, whether they drink is beyond our ability.

  2. The main concern is when the church plays upon fleshly lusts to attract people–entertainment, prizes, slick marketing techniques, celebrity, etc.

    I think a “seeker” will find true church to be oddly appealing, they might not even be able to explain why it is appealing. Whereas the harlot church, they’ll know exactly why they are attracted.

    I’ve seen way more appealing to fleshly lust in church marketing than I have appealing to the inner man and that is my concern.

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