Changing Men

I’ve been married for over 15 years. I am a different guy than I was 15 years ago, mostly for the good (bad being I’m fatter and softer). I would chalk up most of my change to the fact that I live with a woman.

However, I wouldn’t say that my wife changed me, but more that I changed because I had a wife. Being married caused me to confront issues in life I’d probably never confront otherwise.

I lived on my own for four years before I was married. I ate well, did laundry regularly, showered on an almost daily basis, got myself around, stayed out of debt, cooked and cleaned.

I did not require a wife to stay alive, I was doing just fine. I got married because I knew I was fine on my own but I wanted a wife and kids. I wanted to share my awesomeness with others. Oh, how I’ve fulfilled that one!

I did change because I’m married, but I can honestly say that my change has been from a spiritual source, not from my wife. My wife has driven me to the Word countless times for uh, various reasons.

If I had not gotten married I would not have faced such things to drive me to the Word, and I imagine the same is true if I had remained single. Either way, Christ sanctifies me.

My wife has also changed and she also chalks up her change to spiritual reasons, but also strongly maintains I had much to do with teaching spiritual things, but I wouldn’t say the same toward her.

Women can’t stop wanting to change their men, but the only way it happens is if the Lord changes them. Pray for them, ask them questions about the Bible not your pastor, respect them, and love them.

Judge Judy is filled every day with young women who gave young men money, trying to change the guy. The guy never changes but does take the money. Soon he’ll find another source of income and refuse to change.

Men have such major, diseased issues there is no woman on earth that can possibly rescue him from them. Men can only be changed by Christ.

Women, grasp this truth: Men will take your money, but they’ll never give you change.

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  1. Personally before i got married, so happy that my husband to be served since He allow God to changed me. When we are married we are both in serving Him, but after few years, he changed again not for the better but for the worst again, and why it happened again, since he didnt allow God to be in his life and he wanted to rule his life again.I trust God that He will changed his life again, and that he will allow God to be at the center of his life.

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