1 Peter 3:7, Cats and Vases

I am a life-long despiser of cats. When I was a boy we had a cat and a dog. The cat became my sisters, and the dog became mine.

Dogs are cool. Dogs can be trained to get stuff, to go for walks, catch things, lead the blind, etc. Cats sleep and don’t come when called. They do nothing and, being a man, I have no use for a cat.

Women generally like cats and men like dogs. Dog is man’s best friend. I would have little problem referring to cats as strengthless tools and they do arouse contempt in me, especially when people spend actual money on them.

Vases are things you put flowers in. Vases are pointless unless you have flowers. Flowers are dumb because they die. There is no point for a flower to be in my house because it will die, attract bugs, and bother my nose.

People, from what I’ve heard, spend money on vases and flowers. I do not, such things are strengthless tools to me.

I despise people who have houses filled with stuff you can’t touch. Things that were too expensive to use let alone touch. Why honor strengthless tools?

I never understood it and still am puzzled by it. But I am becoming more and more aware of this issue in my life and some of the issues I have with women folk in my life. There is a connection.

Whether our society acts as though 1 Peter 3:7 were true or not, men we must be aware of this inherent trait in us and seek to love our wives.

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  1. I’d suggest you start a flower bed, then cut the flowers and bring them in the house when they are ready. Do it regularly.

    Then get a kitten and raise it to full-grown.

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